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    LIEN DAT PRODUCTION TRADING CO.LTD. with trade mark LIDACO established in 1995 Commerce Liscense registered no.1100961344 confered by Investment and Project Department of Long An Province to be a business unit acting independently abiden by the law of Republic of Socialist Vietnam.


    Legal Representative is President and Director Mr.Giang Chi Cuong


    Factory’s location : Industrial Group HoangGia, 2 New Hamlet, Southern My Hanh Commune, DucHoa Dist,LongAn Province. total area: 15,000m2.

                                     Tel: 072. 3751832 - Fax: 072. 3751831


   Main office : 401 An Duong Vuong ,Ward 3,Dist.5,HCMC

                         Tel: 08. 38333782 - Fax: 08. 38333783 - Email:




    + Production in electrical Wires and Cables.


    + Electrical Accessories /Tools/Equipment.


    + Household Electrical Tool


    + Manufacturing Plastics and synthetic Rubber by extrusion  for Technic field.


    + Business in materials as Copper ,Aluminium ,Steel ,Plastic ,Electric and Electronic instrument.




      Its previous state of LienDat Production Trading Co.Ltd. is LienDat Production Private. Had been established with the liscense 814/GP-UB by People Committee of HCM CityConfered on 29/4/1995.


      Passing through many years in  business activities which has been  interested in by most of particular customers that ‘s the Electric Powers supported our company much more growing and development .The customer’s confidence is just major dynamic to speed up us endeavor to service whole customers better.


     So through years ago ,Liendat Production Trading Co.Ltd. always endeavors to enhance investment and converse technology for production,diversification of products , unceasely to train the new source of  humanlabor in correponding to modern industry.


     The producing process to be in punctilious controls, so products achieved the quality of Vietnamese Standard (TCVN) and International  Standard  such as: IEC, ASTM, BS, JIS…


     The quality management System attained on ISO 9001:2008 and certified in the year 2000 by Quatest (Quality Certification Center)


      On general guideline for the company’s activities makes policy and purpose of quality reasonably in order to satisfy customer’s content .

      Our company would wish for a market expansion how coming to many clients and partnerts and hope for a stable long term cooperation to speed up business relations and common prosperity.


      LienDat Pro.Trading co.Ltd. have developed by   precious supports from the Electric Power Corporation in Vietnam, General Power Company, Power Transmission Co.,Electrical Building Asembling Co., Power Departments in different Provinces , Project Administrative Sections and Electrical Wires and Cables Co…




      LienDat Pro.Trading Co.Ltd. which is a few of  currently producing units has been  approved by VN Power Corporation to participate business relations relating to national Midlle Voltage Grid .This is one of  achievements and proudity to us while evaluated as a small medium enterprise.


      Exclusive of  Electric cables field LienDat Pro.Trading Co.Ltd. has been running successfully on most of all different grids from Southern General Power and even Middle region General Power, General Power in HCM City and Civil Engineering, all works accomplished well without failure the quality in work.




             + Certificate of Quality Administrative System  on Standard ISO 9001-2008.


             + Certificate of Standard –Matched Production QCVN4 2009/BKHCN.


             + Golden Cup of Trust of Production Quality.


             + Golden Cup of Vietnamese Trade Name .


             + Cup sake for Career of Energy Development .


             + Diploma degree comment for hundred typical Products and its Trademark.


             + Golden Medal of Vietnamese Products with high quality through Fairs and Exhibitions.




            + Certificate of Business License and Tax Code


            + Certificate of Standard – Matched Production


            + Certificate of Quality Administrative System


            + Documents of Commodity Protection





            + Board Directors : 4 persons.


            + Official Field : 30 persons /of those to be 10 specialists.


            + Production Field : 180 workers / of those 10 skilled technician.

   Source of major manpower in stable and skillful over ten years as engineers ,bachelors,skillful workers to have been through education and training and unceasely  raising and enrich themselves knowledge and experiences in labour and production that means it’s one of essential sources to create a fundamental of great develoment in future.




       Major customers of company includes Power Companies, Electricity Transmission Companies, Electric Project Management Committee, Power Departments and Civil Power Companies. Futhermore, exportation of products to countries such as Cambodia and Lao.